Magit and Forge

Diff a PR

From the status page:

  • ' f f to fetch all topics
  • n down to the PR listing
  • d d (diff dwim) on the PR listing

This doesn't work if you're actually visiting the PR topic (i.e. you hit Enter on the PR listing and are now in a buffer with a name like *forge: repo #123*).

This runs a diff between origin/dev...refs/pullreqs/<PR number>.

Rebase and move branch pointers

Do the rebase. The same commits will have different SHAs. Old branches will still be at previous SHAs.

  • Go to logs buffer
  • For each branch:
    • check out branch
    • move cursor to commit where branch should be moved to
    • x to reset to this commit

View File History

  • M-x magit-log-buffer-file

Previous Version of File

The function magit-find-file is to "View FILE from REV". Running M-x magit-find-file will first prompt for a revision (completes with a list of all refs), then prompts for a file.

From a specific file:

  • M-x magit-log-buffer-file
  • Move to the commit you want
  • M-x magit-find-file

View PR Diff

Requires forge.

  • Check out the PR (b y)
  • From main magit buffer, navigate to the PR and visit it with <enter>.
  • With cursor at beginning of buffer, d to open the diff menu, then d to "do what I mean". If this pops up a menu of branches, select the branch you want to diff against (i.e. the branch the PR will be merged into, probably main).

Visit File from Diff

Just press <return> on a chunk in the diff. Buuut, if you want it to use another window:

(use-package magit
  (:map magit-diff-mode-map
        ("M-<return>" . magit-diff-visit-file-other-window)))

View Current and Previous File Version from Diff

  • In diff, <return> to visit the file
  • M-x magit-find-file-other-window, branch, <RET>

Cherry pick

A A. I always forget about this.