bazeltools - This is actually part of the bazel binary. I think the bazel people would rather get rid of this in favor of repositories living outside of the bazel binary.

skylib - A library of Starlark functions for manipulating collections, file paths, and various other data types.

buildtools - Contains buildifier, buildozer, and unused_deps. These are development tools.

Best Practices doc.

bazelcommon - Contains assorted common functionality.

platforms - Ever wonder where the @platform comes from? Is it here? Maybe? Defiens the cpu and os constraints and values.


All dependencies are downloaded to a directory here:

$(bazel info output_base)/external


bazel query --output=build //external:bazel_tools

Update httparchive

Say you want to update an http_archive like this one:

  name = "rules_clojure",
  sha256 = "c841fbf94af331f0f8f02de788ca9981d7c73a10cec798d3be0dd4f79d1d627d",
  strip_prefix = "rules_clojure-c044cb8608a2c3180cbfee89e66bbeb604afb146",
  urls = [""],

Manually change the two references to the c044cb... commit, then comment out the sha256 line. Then run a bazel build /... and the bazel output will say something like:

DEBUG: Rule 'rules_clojure' indicated that a canonical reproducible
form can be obtained by modifying arguments
sha256 = "4749769faee9e2d00bb50d08e6a16b46aebdb885dc8ee75356964719622bf4e9"



bazel query \
      --notool_deps \
      --noimplicit_deps \


Run buildifier on all build files in a repo:

buildifier -r -mode=fix -lint=warn .